Corporate Innovation Bootcamp
Dec 9-10 2020
According to the program of the event

Corporate Innovation Bootcamp is an open program where corporations learn how to transform their business through innovation and be successful! Spend 2 days with us to learn the detailed techniques of working with corporate innovations and get familiar with real successful cases in Fintech Banking & Telecom, RetailTech
Why to participate
Corporations need to diversify their business
You will be able to launch pilots with startups, get the first sales in the region, and come up with an innovative strategy for the company's development in a new market
Corporations grow with high-quality customer solutions
Today, the number of such tasks increases from year to year, and they require innovative solutions and an outside view.
The event will be useful
Corporate innovators and digital directors
You will learn how to apply tools in working with innovations at each stage of the company's maturity and get familiar with new formats of support that the Fintech Hub offers for corporations
To assess the market potential for products, you will get familiar with methodologies that will help you in developing and implementing products to market faster
HR specialists
You will learn how Fintech Hub and its partners help to develop internal entrepreneurship, strategic and product thinking among corporation employees, using the best approaches and methodologies of successful entrepreneurs and startups
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AIFC Fintech Hub's Bootcamp in Corporate Innovation
for corporates in Central Asia

December 9-10 2020
Day 1 - Dec. 9
Day 1 - Dec. 9
14:00 – Welcoming remarks
( Kairat Kaliyev )

Welcoming remarks from Department of Corporate Innovations
( Alim Khamitov )

14:15 - Empowering Employees to Act Like Entrepreneurs
( Dmitry Maslennikov )

14:45 - The Innovation Engine: A Framework for Overcoming Cultural and Organizational Impediments to Innovation at Scale
( Rafal Trepka )

15:15 - How Lean Innovation & Lean Startup principles affected to digital transformation of the companies
( Vladislav Shipilov )

15:45 - How to Design an Experiment
( Kemel Aitzhanov )

16:15 - How to work with external teams on the basis of "Open innovation"
( Fernando Zornig )

16:45 – Presentation of Corporate Innovation courses

17:00 – Closing

Day 2 - Dec.10
Day 2 - Dec.10
Fintech,Banking, Telecom, Retailtech
It is planned to hold closed sessions with experts from each industry to share real cases on implementing innovations in the company
Speaker: Nikita Lomov
Retail tech
Speaker: Kaiyrzhan Kozhaly
Banking & Telecom
Speakers: Amirkhan Chikanaev

Corporate Innovation Bootcamp
Kairat Kaliyev
Welcoming remarks
Chief Development Officer, oversees AIFC's external communications and FinTech. He also currently serves as a member of the Management Board of AIFC Authority and Chairman of the Board of Directors of AIFC Fintech Hub. He was Deputy Head of International and Public Relations Department at the National Bank of Kazakhstan. He held the position of Deputy Head of Investment Projects Department and Head of Public Relations at the Development Bank of Kazakhstan JSC. Earlier in his career, he held senior leadership positions in private and public sector companies, including Centre for Marketing Research and Analytics JSC, CNRG Capital investment company, Zhambyl District Akimat (local administration), and served as advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan.
Alim Khamitov
Welcoming remarks from Department of Corporate Innovations
PhD, Head of Corporate Innovation Department at AIFC Fintech Hub, CEO and co-founder of Business-incubator MOST, entrepreneur, lecturer,founder of programming and robotics school "High School: Intro to IT through games development", smart e-medicine system "GlucoWays", Almaty smart bus-stops "City Router". He is graduate of the acceleration program for startups called STEP (Silicon Valley, USA). For more than 9 years Alim is actively developing startup ecosystem of Kazakhstan and Central Asia, leads many Startup Weekends around the region as official facilitator, works as a mentor and often speaks on different technological conferences.
Dmitry Maslennikov
Topic: Empowering Employees to Act Like Entrepreneurs
Expert consultant in the field of digital corporate innovations, clients: Gazprom Neft, Goznak, Lukoil, X5 Retail Group, Rosatom, Yandex, Google, Alfa Bank, Kaspersky Lab, Visa, Norilsk Nickel, Home credit Bank, AFK Sistema, Lanit, MTS and others ... - Technology entrepreneur: co-founder of, founder of, successful sale of startup Karmane to Tinkoff Bank
- Education related to the development of corporate innovation: MIT, London Future Academy, Stanford University, University of Maryland.
Rafal Trepka
Topic: The Innovation Engine: A Framework for Overcoming Cultural and Organizational Impediments to Innovation at Scale
General Director of Mastercard in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Responsible for the Mastercard business, cooperation with banks and the entire payment ecosystem. An important area of work is building relationships with government agencies for the development of a cashless economy. In the UK, he was engaged in a loyalty and privilege program in the premium segment. Provided business development for Mastercard in Poland
Vladislav Shipilov
Topic: How Lean Innovation & Lean Startup principles affected to digital transformation of the companies
Managing partner and expert of the "Factorica Innovation" corporate innovation center (Russia, Portugal). Expert on internal entrepreneurship of PwC and Unilever, agile transformation of EVRAZ and other international and Russian companies. 40+ projects in the field of implementation of programs for the development of internal entrepreneurs, corporate innovations, CustDev, CustJourney, Lean Startup, Lean Product Framework, Agile in corporations outside of IT. Clients of the company: Severstal, Philip Morris, Sberbank, Beeline, CocaCola, RosNeft, RBC, RusNano, IBS group, etc.
Kemel Aitzhanov
Topic: How to Design an Experiment
Expert in the development of corporate innovations. Co-founder of Bridge Group, worked in the creation and management of a venture fund at a corporation (BeInTech / BI Group), more than 6 years of experience in supply chain management (Kazmunaigas, ERG). More than 6 years of experience in IT sales (SAP, Bridge), co-owner of the Buter Bro street food project (Astana), teacher of the course "Supply Chain Management", teacher of the course "Innovative management"
Fernando Zornig
Topic: How to work with external teams on the basis of "Open innovation"
Fernando leads Plug and Play Fintech's flagship program for continental Europe. Based out of Frankfurt, Germany, the goal is to connect leading financial institutions with fintech startups to obtain pilots, contracts and explore strategic investment opportunities. Fernando oversees an investment pipeline of early-stage startups and is responsible for nurturing global tech transfers in finance. Working with digitally-driven Financial Institutions like Deutsche Bank, UniCredit, BNP Paribas, Nexi, UbiBanca, Abanca, DZ Bank, Aareal, Nets Group, Raiffeisenbank International and Cartão Elo.
Nikita Lomov
Head of the Analytical Department of the FinTech Association. The area of responsibility includes the analysis of Russian and foreign experience in the field of financial technologies. Laureate of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) scholarship. He worked as a laboratory assistant at the Center for Comprehensive European and International Studies at the Higher School of Economics, and later at the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies (CAST). He took part in analytical research in the interests of the Ministry of Defense, co-author of four books on the topic of military-technical cooperation and the defense industry.

Kaiyrzhan Kozhaly
Retail tech
Expert in the field of digital transformation, General Director of Mobify LLP 15 years of experience in developing and implementing IT integration solutions for corporations. In recent years, his specialization relates to the areas of EdTech and RetailTech.
Amyrkhan Chikanayev
Banking & Telecom
Over 12 years of banking experience. He worked at Merrill Lynch Bank in the UK, HSBC Bank India, HSBC Bank Kazakhstan and HSBC Bank UK. He was the head of the corporate banking division at KazInvest Bank. He led the corporate, private and retail banking business at Capital Bank Kazakhstan. Developed the first digital bank in Kazakhstan, B1NK. Currently Managing Director of Retail Banking at Sberbank Kazakhstan.
Partner corporations
Info partners
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Какие слайды нужны:

1. Elevator Pitch
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2. Проблема
Опишите боль/проблему вашего клиента (корпорации).

3. Решение
Как ваш продукт решает проблему корпорации?

4. Технология
Как технически устроен ваш продукт (software and hardware).
Какие используются технологии, какие необходимы интеграции, платформы, ресурсы, сертификации.

5. Синергия с корпорацией
Для какого типа корпораций подходит ваше решение? (банки/страховые компании/мобильные операторы/ритейл)

Каким образом стартап и корпорация могут сотрудничать в рамках предлагаемого вами решения?

Каким образом вы уже сотрудничаете с другими корпорациями: есть ли трекшн и какие результаты для корпорации принесло внедрение вашего продукта?

6. Экономический эффект для корпорации
Какую пользу/экономический эффект для корпорации принесет внедрение вашего решения?

7. Команда
Опыт/экспертиза/знания команды

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